Suppliers of dried fruit to supermarkets for over 20 years.



Our company has supplied dried fruit to supermarkets for over 20 years. In 2005, members of the Healthy School Forum at our local primary school asked us if we could supply dried fruit for their children. They couldn’t find any suitable products on the market and felt their kids were missing out on a healthy eating option.


Fruity Packs are delicious, healthy snacks produced with kids in mind. Safely sealed in easy-to-open packs, these scrummy nibbles are low in fat and sodium. They’re high in fibre (great for healthy tums) and jam-packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Fruity Packs contain only pure dried fruit. There’s nothing added – no extra sugar, no allergens, no flavourings and not even a hint of artificial colour. They’re the perfect everyday, anytime, natural fruit snack for kids to enjoy as part of a healthy balanced diet.

Our Partnerships

We developed Fruity Packs to meet the requirements of the Department of Health/ NHS 5 A DAY programme.

We worked closely with the NHS, the Dental Office and the School Food Trust to introduce unsweetened dried fruits into schools as part of the 5 A DAY programme and the SFVS. Together, we introduced children to the delicious tastes and textures of dried fruit. We teach them about its value as healthy food and how it can help towards a balanced diet for the whole family.